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What is the best camera backpack for you

Little Camera Bag Buying Guide

Many people search for the best bag to transport their camera gear safe and convenient. But what is the best camera bag? This depends very much on your activities, amount of equipment and your projects. This camera bag buying guide can help you deciding which camera bag you should choose. The selection is huge. There are some thoughts and researches necessary in order to find the best camera backpack for your special needs and preferences.

Camera Sling Bag

Camera Sling Bag

4 main types of camera bags

While shoulder bags (mostly used by photographers with a smaller amount of equipment for daily use) and sling bags ( used even with camera and two lenses plus accessories) have their advantages like an easy access to retrieve  camera and lenses, they give most people pain in shoulder and neck when they carry the full equipment. Shoulder bags can slide off your shoulders and cannot contain a large amount of camera equipment



Camera Backpack

Camera Backpack for Hiking

Backpacks keep the users well balanced. Both shoulders, upper back and pelvic take the weight and reduce strain in the back, shoulders and neck. They allow more movement because the pack stays in place when you are in difficult situations (hiking in uneven terrain, climbing,…).

Backpacks keep your camera kit safe and you can carry your camera equipment in comfort. The disadvantage is that you need to remove the backpack in order to access your equipment.

Large camera bags,whether with wheels or without, are the camera bags for professional photographers holding a large amount of equipment.

How to choose a camera backpack

The material should be robust and durable. The frequent remove and insert of the camera and equipment will strain the material.

The amount of interior space is important to fit everything inside. Do you need space for additional lenses? The best are recesses constructed from padded strips with Velcro. You can so adapt the design for your individual needs. Having many pockets is good for storing and organizing accessories like filters, cleaning kit, batteries, memory cards,…

How many compartments do you need? You would choose a whole photo backpack when you want to carry cameras, lenses and accessories only. Half photo backpacks have one section for the camera, lens and accessories and the other section for your other items. Choose this when you have a smaller amount of equipment and you want to go on day trips. So you can carry your camera and cloth and food in one bag.

How fast can you access your equipment? How many zips should your backpack have and where are the zips located? The answers to these questions can also determine which camera backpack you will choose. Front zips and back zips can be opened easily when the backpack is removed. Laying on the ground, the bag with the front zip gets dirty on the back and makes the user dirty. This is not a problem when you have a back zip, the user stays clean. Side zips allow to access the equipment without removing the backpack.

Rain protection is another important factor. Some backpacks are waterproof and others are shower-proof only. Those will not be protective in heavy rain. In these cases you should have an additional rain cover. Watch also for strong zips that are waterproof or that have an additional flap over it.

In addition to a good interior space there are camera backpacks available with additional storage on the outside. External clips are useful for carrying other equipment (e.g filters). A tripod holder is a real asset. You do not need to carry your tripod separately. External pockets give you a fast access to memory cards and other accessories.

Camera bags for women

If you are a female professional photographer, student or a mom with a camera and you do not want to carry those ugly and bulky common camera bags with you, there is a solution. Find a stylish camera bag especially designed for women. You can tote around your camera, accessories and personal items in a discreet fashionable way without having to carry a second handbag or purse. There are lots of designs and colors to choose from, if made from leather or waxed canvas, colorful or plain, if shoulder or sling bag, backpack or cross body bag, if convertible or not; the possibilities are endless. Those bags can be used as everyday bag as well. Remove the interior and you have a stylish handbag.

Choose your camera bag according to your needs and enjoy your photography.


    • Thank you. I think it is important to get an overview about the possibilities and pros and cons of the great variety of camera bags.

    • I can recommend the Dryzone Series by LowePro. They can hold up to 4 extra lenses. Hope this helped.

  1. Nice site and good information for anyone interested in photography.
    Love the ‘light’ look about this site, and the information about something
    that will benefit enthusiasts.

  2. Nice information you have got there. Although I am not a fan of DSLR, but I will toally recommend my friend here.

  3. Hi Anne …excellent info on the various types of bags …reckon the waterproof would be ideal for travel. I am a backpack type even though I use them as a sling bag 99% of the time. It is good to wear it over both shoulders when carrying some breakable equipment or for added security. Enjoyed reading your content …thanks for that.

    • Hi Andrew, my husband had a sling bag and this was great for quick access. Now he upgraded a little and got a backpack because of the weight. Sometimes I think he wishes his sling bag back.

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