Lowepro Flipside 400 AW – Hiking Camera Backpack

Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

Lightweight hiking camera backpack

Are you looking for a lightweight hiking camera backpack to carry even large lenses comfortably? The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW can be the right one for you. In this review I want to take a look at this high-performance hiking camera backpack designed for extra security, easy access and the best protection of your gear in all situations. It is one of the best camera backpacks for hiking, off-trail photo shoot and adventure photography.

Fast access to your camera – don’t miss the shot

Bald EagleYou know the situation when you have a long walk through the forest and the trail is not always even. You will probably keep your camera stored in the backpack.

Suddenly, and this is what most wildlife photographers hope for, you spot the animal or it crosses your way.

Then you want to have your camera taken out as quickly as possible. When you leave the waist belt fastened you can slide the back around to the front on your hips and have easy access fast. In this situation the silent zipper pulls are very important.

How often have I already chased a deer or other animals away because of the noise that the zipper of my small camera pocket made?


Secure your expensive equipment

Busy StreetSo, you are not an adventure photographer and you are not often hiking and shooting wildlife.

You are more the traveler around the globe and walk not through the forest, but in the urban jungle or crowded tourist places instead.

The Flipside 400 AW can be the right decision for you as well. The unique back-entry compartment secures your expensive equipment.

Plenty of room for camera, lenses and accessories

The Flipside 400 AW can hold a Canon 7D with 70-200 lens attached with hood, two more lenses, flash and accessory as filters, camera battery charger, remote shutter release and more smaller items.

There are three memory card pockets in the back entry and one bigger pocket for business cards or other small things. The front storage panel does not only protect your gear against moisture and abrasion, you can even have a small lunch packet or a light jacket stored away for hands free walking and shooting.


Lowepro Flipside 400 AW


Interior dimensions:     10.6” W x 16.7” H x 5.9” D

Exterior dimensions:    11.9” W x 18.1” H x 10” D

 Features and benefits

The contoured shoulder straps and the padded waist belt let you carry a fully loaded backpack comfortably. The weight is distributed evenly.

A tripod can be attached at the front. Pull out the hideaway tripod holder and secure it at the top with the straps. Two stretch mesh pockets on both sides give you the ability to carry a water bottle and personal items.

The built in rain cover keeps your backpack dry or protects it against sand and dust.

Many customers like the adjustable harness, the large capacity, the comfort and the strong construction of the Flipside 400 AW. A draw back is the way the tripod is attached with the strap. This is not tide enough so that the tripod can move a little while walking.

This is a review of Nick, a photographer from Sacramento, Ca, on Adorama who climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan:

Lowepro Flipside 400 Aw Review

The Flipside 400 AW has the potential to be one of the best camera backpacks for many situations like adventure sports, travelling, hiking and sightseeing.


  1. This looks like a great bag. Thanks for sharing this review! I’m more of an urban jungle adventurer so it is important to have something that is safe and secure.

    • Thanks Jared. Yes, the bag is great for this purpose and its light weight will not let you getting tired to fast when you explore the city and other nice places.

  2. Hello Annegret. Good product review and the bag look very nice. If I have different kind of thing for a camera, I will just need to have one nice bag so that it will be easy to bring things a long with. Good job,


    • Thanks, Seth. There are a lot of different styles of camera bags out there and sometimes it is not easy to find the right one. I hope these reviews will help making an informed decision. I will do more reviews of even smaller nice bags too.

  3. Its a great bag but do it come in assorted colors. This is a plus( you can even have a small lunch packet or a light jacket stored away for hands free walking and shooting).

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for that great review! I have to admit I often decide to leave my camera back in the hotel while travelling just because it´s always so inconvenient to carry and protect it. Looks like this hiking camera backpack can change my mind!

    • Hi Vera, thanks for your comment. Yes, the problem is often to combine both and here we definitely have a solution.

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