Fashion Camera Bag For Women

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Fashion Camera Bag For Women

Fashion camera bag for women – a little secret

Recently, I learned about a fashion camera bag for women. I was at a family event and everyone red camera bagwas excited and dressed very nicely because it was my mom’s 70th Birthday.  We asked my cousin, who is a hobby photographer, to take pictures on this evening. As she showed up I thought she forgot that she should take the photos. I didn’t see any sign of camera equipment.

She opened her red shoulder bag and I was surprised about the content. A DSLR camera with lens attached, an additional lens and a flash were stowed there. In addition she had still space for her personal small items that women carry with.

Stylish bag for your camera that looks like a purse

I went a little deeper into this subject and found lots of camera bags for women who want to combine their passion for photography with their style. These bags are both functional and stylish and they don’t look like a traditional camera bag like a sling bag or backpack. Camera bags are usually designed for men. They look ugly and despite they are functional they are not the best fit for a lady. Ladies deserve a camera bag with a nice design. These bags do extra duty as a purse in which they can carry all their favorite essentials.


There is a second advantage of having a stylish camera bag for women. You can store your camera, lens and other equipment safely instead of having it shoved into the purse with the risk of damaging the camera or scratching the viewfinder. Many of the bags have a removable interior and can be used as an everyday bag or messenger bag as well.

Another and important reason for having a stylish bag for your equipment when you are traveling is safety. Such a bag does not shout “I am a camera bag with valuable content!”  They are discreet; most people wouldn’t know there is camera equipment in it.

8 popular brands for fashion camera bags for women

Here is a selection of some of the finest photo bag brands for ladies:

Kelly Moore Bags

Kelly Moore

Kelly MooreKelly Moore, a professional photographer designs stylish camera bags since 2009. Her bags come in 12 styles and in over 50 colors. There are bags for women and men as well for professionals and students. Choose bags from Nylon or Canvas or you prefer the Classic Style. the padding is mostly removable and you can use the bag as everyday bag. Carry your camera and lens or everything else you want and need. The Chapel Convertible Backpack can be used as a messenger bag or a backpack.

camera fashion bags


Epiphanie has a great selection of luxury leather camera bags. Professional photographer Maile Wilson launched in 2009 Epiphanie and has provided since then a solution for thousands of women who wanted to protect their expensive gear. Most of Epiphanie’s camera bags are convertible. Detachable straps transform a shoulder bag into a cross body bag or backpack. Remove the dividers and use your bag as an everyday bag. Choose between 7 different styles and 10 colors.

Jill-e fashion camera bag for women


JILL-E offers a blend of style, protection, function and classic charm. Here you will find compact systems for smaller mirror-less cameras, medium sized messenger or shoulder bags that can be worm as cross body bags and stylish camera bags for travel like the rolling camera – laptop travel bag. Most bags are from genuine leather . Interesting are the inserts in different sizes to transform almost any bag into a camera bag.

ONA fashion camera bag for women


ONA provides premium handcrafted camera bags from leather and waxed cotton canvas. ONA is Swahihi and means “to feel”, “to believe” and “to experience with the eyes”. Since 2010 their desire is to design products the complement photographer’s style and protect their gear. You will find shoulder bags, messenger bags, cross-body bags and tote bags. Smaller bags can be used as stand-alone bags or as inserts to protect your gear in a larger bag. ONA bags are a little more expensive, but for the photographer,who appreciates good quality and design, not too much.

THEIT camera bags


Theit creates camera bags for fashion-minded photographers. The design enables style, function and versatility. The Bossi Bag, coming in gravel and black tones, has convenient dual carrying handles and a cross body gold chain strap. When you remove the dividers you can easily change it into a fashion handbag. Lula can be worn in 3 different ways. it has an adjustable shoulder strap, a chain optional cross body/shoulder strap or carry it with the handle. A padded non-slip shoulder bag was added for comfort.


fashion camera bags

Cheeky Lime

Cheeky Lime’s design is unique. These bags satisfy the photographer’s creativity and their eyes for visual beauty. Cheeky Lime’s camera bags for women are made from weather resistant polyurethane and nylon. They have detachable shoulder straps and come in different styles and colors. They are very good in price and affordable for everybody.

stylish camera bags

Capturing Couture

Capturing Couture camera bags are 13″ wide, 8″ high and 4″ deep. They hold a DSLR camera and one lens or flash. There are front stash pockets for cell phone or key. On the back side of the bag is an additional exterior pocket 12″ x 6.5″. The padded divider is removable. I like the colors and patterns and it doesn’t look like a camera bag.

fashion camera bags for women

Janine King

Janine King offers handmade camera bags for women made from water repellent lining fabric and durable upholstery fabric that was treated to repel moisture and soiling. The fun, stylish looking bags are 9′ x 9″ x 5″ small and can hold a DSLR camera with small lens attached and an additional small lens. This is a bag for a smaller amount of gear, perfect for a point and shoot.

Choose your style and find the right bag to protect your gear.

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  1. As a woman who loves fashion and photography, I love these bags. Thank you for sharing them, there looks yo be many styles to choose from also so something for everyone. They definitely look worth a look at.

    • Thanks, Abigail. Yes, the variety is great, but sometimes it doesn’t make it easier to decide. I will do some reviews of special bags in detail.

  2. Very nice website so far with an abundance of useful content!! I will defiantly be keeping this we site in mine when it is time to go shopping for my wife :)


  3. Oooh, great products, I didn’t even know these existed! I know it sucks lugging around an ugly camera bag sometimes, and can definitely have a poor impact on your outfit.
    Might pick up one of these for my cousin for Christmas, she’ll absolutely love it!

    • Hi Jolie,
      Yes, I am glad that since a few years bags designers think about the needs of fashion oriented female photographers, especially hobby photographers who do not have a large amount of gear. Thanks for your feedback.

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