Case Logic Camera Sling Bag DCB-308 – SLR Camera Bag

Case Logic DCB 308

In this review I want to talk about the Case Logic camera sling bag DCB-308. This is a sling bag for SLR cameras with standard zoom lens attached. You can fit a DSLR camera with grip in it when you store it vertically.


Case Logic DCB 308Product: Case Logic DCB-308

Price: $89.99 (retail)

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 9 out of 10



The DCB-308 is the right size for photographers who do not carry a big amount of equipment. The sling bag allows easy and fast access to your camera and keeps everything organized with its dividers and storage space. This is a perfect bag for the mobile photographer with even space for an iPad.


Case Logic DCB-380The side entry compartment holds your camera and gives you with a swing of the bag from the back to the front fast access.

The adjustable divider system gives you the ability to fit the interior space exactly depending on the gear you have to store.

There is plenty of storage for other items. On the top of the bag is a zippered compartment containing the rain cover and a place for other smaller items like a snack. Stash your phone or a map into the vertical pocket along the side of the front panel.

A large front pocket contains an organization panel. It has a larger zippered pocket and slots for electronics and accessories.

Case Logic sling bag with tripodThe bag has a exterior pocket for holding a tripod or monopod. You can secure the tripod with adjustable buckles to limit any movement. You should carry only a tripod this way that is not too big in order to carry the bag comfortably.

The weather hood keeps your gear dry.

A strap management system allows you to secure the rolled up excess cord. So you will not have dangling straps that are in the way.

Pros and Cons

Case Logic DCB-308 InteriorPros:

  • fast and easy access to camera, good for shooting in crowded places or on the run
  • convenient for quick lens change (compared to a backpack)
  • high contrast orange interior reminds to zip up before moving on
  • front panel for iPad or net-book
  • adjustable dividers hold camera and additional lenses in place and protected


  • carrying on one shoulder not for very heavy equipment recommended
  • sling comes around the torso from the right and is therefore maybe not recommended for left handed people
  • carrying a bigger tripod not easy or possible


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the Case Logic DCB-308 camera sling bag or would like to give your own review, leave a comment below.





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