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schulze_anne_1Hello and welcome. My name is Anne and I want to lead you through the big amount of different camera backpacks, sling bags, shoulder bags and other possible models. Depending on your needs and interests you want to choose the one that is right for your needs and preferences.

I am married to a hobby photographer and I learned a lot about photography and the equipment. I realized early that the right backpack is very important. After in the beginning a shoulder bag was enough for the equipment, the growing amount of equipment and upgrading to a better camera and a bigger lens led to a bigger sling bag. It was comfortable for hiking and the access to the camera was good. With buying a second lens we changed again to a sling bag that was even bigger. This could not hold the tripod conveniently and so I became sometimes the carrier of the tripod in addition to the backpack (with the food and the daily use items).

I started an intensive research for the best solution and discovered that there are so many camera bag versions out there. You will still have to compromise sometimes. Depending on your activities and use of the camera, travelling, hiking, professional photography or daily use as a hobby, you can find the camera bag that fits best your preferences.

This website will give you an overview about the best camera bags, different features each bag has to offer, pros and cons and recommendations where to find the right bag for yourself.


Founder of www.bestcamerabags.org

Email: support@bestcamerabags.org


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